We started our son in “Little Kickers” in 2016, when he was 4, without really knowing where the road would lead us.  We simply wanted him to try out a sport, and PTA had been recommended by neighbors.  Honestly, I feared our son would end up in loosely-organized games where swarms of 4 year olds followed a ball around the field in packs, without really learning anything or playing a game with any structure.  However, PTA was nothing like that.  What we found, immediately, was an organization which aimed to teach him technical soccer skills without instilling bad habits, all while ensuring he was engaged and having fun; they did not just throw the kids into games, and instead focused on training and structure.  This has been so much better than we had expected.  Over the past two-plus years, our son has developed significantly, not just in terms of his soccer skills, but also in his understanding of how to be a teammate and, significantly, how to be coached/taught.  We actually use the soccer example with his school work now, in terms of how a passion for training fosters mastery of skills.


A less obvious benefit at PTA is the way the older girls and boys (teens) assist, as coaches, in the younger kids’ training.  The younger boys and girls see how skilled the teens are, and idolize them to a certain level.  They provide a great example, not only of leadership,  but also a vision of how technically skilled they too can become if they continue to train hard.  This is a great opportunity for the teens, also, and if our son continues to be as passionate about soccer in the future as he is now, we fully expect him to give back in this way and foster his own leadership skills by doing so.


We are still on this journey, fueled by a (now) almost-7 year old’s passion and desire to improve, and we look forward to seeing him continue to develop his skills, teamwork, and understanding of the game as we embark on the path to festivals, leagues and tournaments for the first time!  We would not hesitate to recommend involvement with PTA to any parent seeking an environment in which to help their young soccer player develop their skill at, and love for, the game.


Scott and Juliet





We met a friend who introduced us to Mauricio and PTA this past winter 2018 when we were planning to move from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. My son was a freshman in high school and had been playing local travel soccer since age seven. Even though it was competitive for our area. We knew that trying out for New Jersey club teams would be above the level that my son was accustomed to.  My son had the passion for soccer, a great attitude and was a hard worker but he lacked the ability to execute the skills on the field. He came to PTA trainings whenever we could and in only a few months I began to see a different player. What I saw was a kid not afraid to mess up because he was taking joy in the process. This was exactly what he needed because at about this point in time he was trying out for soccer clubs in what we were expecting to be our new home. Just to see this new confidence made the hour each way drive well worth it! Since then we have relocated and my son has a new club team and made the high school team in his new school. In addition to all of this we live closer and still he can continue to train with PTA. I highly recommend Mauricio and PTA Soccer.


CiCi Williams (parent)





My daughter has been with Coach Mauricio and the PTA staff for almost a year. Before joining the PTA soccer training sessions, her skills and her confidence in her ability to be a more effective player left room for improvement. While she has participated in a few different soccer training groups in the local area, the lessons learned in those sessions did not have lasting effects as there was no clear association on how to take the techniques in real game settings.

Having been with PTA in the past year, the difference in her game is evident.  The added weekly skills training that my daughter participates in and practice that her entire travel soccer team attends with Coach Mauricio has impacted how she and all the players in her team "see" the field, identify the appropriate plays to use, and the overall morale of the group. In the last year, our daughter's travel soccer team has moved up flights and has held 1st place in their division.  The techniques used in the PTA training far transcends beyond soccer for our daughter. Her footwork, agility, and leadership skills are lessons that she has applied in basketball and her overall interaction with her peers. Most of all, she truly enjoys the training and looks forward to it week after week.

Coach Mauricio and his staff genuinely enjoy what they do and it shows in the way their lessons transcends and stays with the player.  Honest feedback is given to parents and there is a very open sense of community when you walk into the PTA training field. I certainly recommend Coach Mauricio and the PTA staff training to any player looking to improve on their soccer fundamentals and techniques. The lessons learned are definitely long lasting.



Leo Yanogacio (Parent)




Our daughter enjoyed playing soccer, but hated attending practices, clinics and her teams scheduled training sessions. She would literally kick and scream when it was time to go. We had the opportunity to attend a clinic that was run by PTA and we noticed the difference right away. We switched training sessions to utilize PTA and Mauricio's education style rather than training style offered by other companies in the area and it has made a world of difference. They build technique from the ground up, while elevating the kids confidence and exponentially raising expectations. It is this unique combination not usually found in the sports arena that has our daughter motivated not just for her practices and soccer sessions, but she now wants to put in extra time. Her ball skills, soccer awareness and even her aggressiveness have all improved in such a short time and we can't wait to see what can happen with continued interaction with PTA soccer.


Jen Reeves (Parent)




We have been actively involved with PTA Soccer and Coach Mauricio for several seasons.  They are a well run organization with a knowledge coaching staff, well acquainted with their players and the specific needs of their players and very caring.   My daughters skill sets have enhanced tremendously and her confidence level as well   coach Mauricio is compassionate about the sport and extremely knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend this organization.


Patti Betz (Parent)





"As a parent of a young girl who enjoys playing soccer competitively, I was looking for a training curriculum that would build and improve my daughter's technique.  My daughter got more.  Through hard work and training with PTA she has developed more as a soccer player in the last year than she had in the previous 3 years.  The most important thing she has gained is confidence to perform on the field and to translate her training into game situations.  I've also seen her confidence grow off the field, in school and with her friends".


Nick R. (Parent)





"I just want to say the Coach Mauricio runs an awesome training camp.

 I have and will continue to recommend the program to parents and players who are looking for super training in a serious,  yet enjoyable atmosphere.  I have seen Gabby’s improvement and understanding of the game since she started with the program".

Thanks to Coach Mauricio.


John Delgado (Parent)




"As a coach of a young girls team, PTA has been a difference maker.  We made the change to PTA and it was the best decision we could have made.  Our team was looking for the type of training that improved BOTH individual play and team coordination...PTA continues to deliver results for our girls on both counts.  The team has experienced the most success and growth since we were established and the results are a direct reflection of the training we've received from PTA".


                                                                                                                                                       Nick R. (Coach)




I started practicing with the PTA organization just one year ago. I was very shy and timid, and did not have a lot of confidence in myself. However, after meeting Coach Mauricio for the first time, I immediately felt the strive to become better. I began going to (and still go to) every clinic and practice he has set up.  I have made more improvement in this year with PTA than in my past 6 years of playing soccer. I have improved so greatly that I was even offered a position as a coach. From working with this organization, I have gained more confidence on and off the field. I have learned new skills and made many new friends. The PTA organization helped me view soccer in a new, better way, and made my passion for the sport so much greater than ever before in my life.


Shaelyn Schiff (Player)






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